Derby Logistics is the premier Portland drayage provider with a secure facility based in Portland, OR. Backed by years of experience and miles on the road, our team has the expertise to meet your logistics needs. When you want to improve your bottomline, we have the flexibility and agility to transport cargo across the country.  Our large fleet of trucks makes Derby Logistics the clear choice in the Pacific Northwest. Clients who work with us consistently receive top-tier service that meets and exceeds their needs. Whether you need to move cargo from the port or intermodal locations, Derby can get the job done right. 

Drayage in Portland & Beyond

Our container drayage services include: 
  • Import & Export
  • Short and Long Distance
  • Transloading
  • Overweight 
  • Expedited Drayage

What Is Container Drayage?

Full container drayage involves the transportation of cargo from an ocean port to its destination. Drayage is an essential aspect of logistics, and it is vital that you work with a trusted company.

Port & Intermodal Drayage

Derby Logistics has the power to provide consistent service to major ports for Portland drayage as well as service across Oregon and Washington. We perform container drayage throughout the week across several markets.  Whether you need to move agricultural cargo or recycled materials, components for local manufacturing, or imported goods, we are here to help. Across the PNW, we serve businesses of all sizes. See how we can move the world for you! 

Experience & Expertise

As with any business, we stay up-to-date with security and technological needs. At Derby Logistics, we provide client-forward service, striving to exceed your expectations and ensure safe transportation. 

Safety & Security

Based from our secure freight warehouse, we value the safety and security of your cargo. No matter where we meet our clients, safety is an essential practice for us. Our team undergoes safety training to ensure everyone is protected. 

Why Is Portland Drayage Important? 

For many people, drayage feels like a small aspect of the transportation process. However, we understand that it is a crucial part of logistics, one vital to the supply chain.  Transportation of cargo is like a row of dominoes. If one isn’t aligned properly, it impacts the entire system.  When your cargo uses a standard container, we effectively ship it from point A to point B. As a trusted trucking company, we handle a broad range of materials and are ready to show you how we can move the world for you!