When a carrier arrives at our warehouse in Portland, lumper services help us load and unload the freight from the trailer. As a lumper warehouse in Portland, we save crews time and allow them the rest they need as we unpack the cargo. We understand our importance in the supply chain for our clients. 

At Derby Logistics, we strive to provide quick, safe transitions from truck to warehouse and vice versa. Our Portland lumper services benefit everyone involved in the supply chain. Drivers should be able to rest and avoid the risk of injury involved in helping to load or unload the freight. Moreover, it should allow a driver to return to the road while reducing load times and improving relations.  

Your Best Choice for Freight Handling

Based in Houston and Portland, OR, Derby Logistics provides regional services from freight handling and lumper services to transloading and freight fixing. Our reliable team of experts has a broad spectrum of experience and knowledge of handling freight. Moreover, we’ve been offering unloading and loading services for years, always providing excellence and efficiency. 

At Derby Logistics, we strive to help you improve your bottom line through effective and efficient services that impact the supply chain. Let us help your driver avoid unnecessary risks by ensuring the safe transition of your freight.

Benefits of Portland Lumper Services

  • Minimize driver injury while providing rest
  • Lower your insurance costs
  • Increase productivity
  • Decrease driver downtime
  • Decrease operational costs
  • Reliable, focused team
  • Lower overall cost compared to driver injury
  • Reduce the risk of workers’ compensation costs

How Do Lumper Services Work?

As third parties hired to service docks at a warehouse, our Portland lumper services offer professionals who understand the Tetris-like nature of loading trailers. 

Derby Logistics provides a team of reliable individuals who understand the importance of safely packing freight. When cargo arrives at its destination, it’s no good to anyone if it’s fallen over in the back of a truck. 

Our team regularly works with freight, docks, and trucks. With this understanding of the puzzle-like nature of cargo, we help to ensure safe travel and distribution in the supply chain.  

Portland Lumper Services from Our Warehouse

In Portland, lumper services are a common aspect of logistics. These services offer relief to shippers, drivers, receivers, and carriers. When you need to ensure that your cargo reaches its destination, our team is ready and able to help you transition quickly and get your drivers back on the road. 

When you work with Derby Logistics, our lumper services improve the efficiency of the supply chain. We understand the importance, which is why we work with a reliable team that provides dedicated, efficient work. 

To ship with an experienced team, contact us at 971-500-3259 and see how we can improve your bottom line.