Portland Transloading Services from Derby Logistics

Recent years have seen a considerable shift towards transloading in the supply chain. Even in Portland, transloading has become a critical step between rail and destination. When you need to transfer a load between containers and flatbed/full truck, we can help. Derby Logistics has the knowledge, equipment, and expertise to ship the unshippable.  Often, shippers are pleased to find that our Portland transloading services can be a cost-effective and efficient solution to their logistics challenges. A well-honed transloading strategy creates supply chain efficiency that directly impacts a business. As a result, our services strengthen their bottom line while improving the business’ order-to-cash cycle. In turn, it allows for increased sales while cutting costs and improving customer service. 

What Does Transloading in Portland Look Like? 

To begin, whether in Houston or Portland, transloading is the process of transporting containers, freight, and cargo from one mode of transportation to another. For instance, a shipment may arrive in Portland by train but need to complete its journey on a flatbed or dry. This loading method is preferred when any shipping requires multiple forms of transportation.  It’s common for logistics operations to include the transloading process in international shipping and when they face domestic logistics challenges. This process may sometimes include temporary storage in a warehouse before completing its journey.  When performed well, our services are an incredibly beneficial solution, providing: 
  • More favorable status with vessels and ocean carriers 
  • Increased efficiency through flexibility and thoughtful, organized decisions
  • Lower spending on domestic freight, handling expenses, and transit time
To bring these benefits to fruition, shippers need to align themselves with providers familiar with all modes of transit involved in the supply chain dynamic. Although it may seem complicated, Portland transloading can be manageable. At Derby Logistics, we provide a broad spectrum of transportation services for all your shipping needs. 

Common Cargo in Portland Transloading 

  • Special Materials: pick & pull, full-service warehouse
  • Sensitive Products: auto parts, dry goods
  • Common Materials: raw materials, palletized materials, lumber, metal, drums
  • Bulk: sand, plastic pellets, flour 

The Process of Transloading in Portland, OR

If a business ships material over the rail when one end of the chain doesn’t have rail access, transloading is often the best solution. The transloading process can occur between a railcar and truck and other modes of transit, and the procedure rarely needs to be complicated. The Portland transloading process often boils down to the following: 
  • The product is loaded and moved via rail 
  • We receive the freight from the host railway 
  • Our team removes the product from the train car, which can occur via crane, forklift, etc. 
  • Should the customer need to store the product, we provide on-site warehouse storage until you are ready to ship. We offer both short-term and long-term storage. 
  • When you are prepared to ship, the product is transloaded onto the truck bed and transported to its next destination.

Ship the Unshippable with Derby Logistics

Derby Logistics is based in Texas and equipped with the expertise and knowledge required. As a result, we can reduce your costs and help you make the proper distribution decisions. With services that cover a spectrum of aspects for your business and access to a vast transportation network, we offer smooth sailing for your company and cargo.